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Plutonium, fun for the whole family!

A few weeks ago on Twitter, a Japanese guy named Yukari Takasugi pinged me (and a lot of other journalists) with an incredible video. Without another word of comment, I give you Pluto-kun of plutonium: Advertisements

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Time for a tour of Fukushima’s Unit 4

I’ve made a little photo slideshow of the work that’s gone on at Fukushima’s unit 4 reactor for the past several months. For obscure web reasons, it has to be hosted on tumblr. Click on the photo below to have … Continue reading

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Why is Curiosity’s secret a secret? (Answer: it isn’t.)

Today I have a piece on Slate entitled “Curiosity’s dirty little secret” about the rover’s nuclear power supply. The piece traces the plutonium-238 it uses back to the US and Soviet nuclear weapons complexes and discusses the environmental mess left … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises—nuclear effects

Disclaimer: this contains spoilers, albeit predictable ones. It’s also one of those whiny, “why isn’t the movie more realistic?” geek things. If that’s going to annoy you, stop reading now. We’ve all got our todestrieb to deal with. The guy … Continue reading

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